The Lady and the Tiger
Game Design Contest Finalists


In 2016, Jellybean Games ran a contest for game designers to design variant rulesets for The Lady and the Tiger. We got more than 60 entrants in total, from designers all over the world!

After copious playtesting, we have narrowed the field down to the following eight entries:

Baron Mind: King

A 2-4 player bidding game of deck manipulation.

Chris Antony: Chase

A 4-player game of accusations and bluffing.

Dancing Giant Games: Favor

A 3-4 player game of hidden roles and bidding.

Jens Cramer: Beauty

A 4 player game of hidden roles and passed notes.

Ken Maher: Hoard

A solo game of puzzles and treasure-hunting.

Nathan Poole: Tricked

A 2-player trick-taking game.

Philip Tootill: Labyrinth

A 2-player game of tiger cubs and shifting strategy.

Stefan Hansson: Hunch

A 3-4 player game of memory and deduction.

Congratulations to our finalists! A winner shall be selected shortly.