The Lady and the Tiger
Game Design Contest


In 2017, Jellybean Games ran a contest for The Lady and the Tiger. We got more than 60 entrants in total, from designers all over the world!

After copious playtesting, we are excited to announce the winner:

Philip Tootill: Labyrinth

A 2-player game of tiger cubs and shifting strategy.

Labyrinth is being included as one of the variants in The Lady and the Tiger, along with two of the runners-up:

Dancing Giant Games: Favor

A 3-4 player game of hidden roles and bidding.

Ken Maher: Hoard

A solo game of puzzles and treasure-hunting.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

The original contest details can be found below.

After the success of Dracula's Feast and Scuttle! in 2016, Jellybean Games is getting ready for a whole new year of bringing cool and exciting games to people...and we'd like to invite you to be a part of the process!

The Lady and the Tiger is currently a 2-player bluffing game. We'd love to include some other games in the box - whole new designs by different people using the same components: 18 specific cards and 25 tokens in five colors.

The winner will be offered a chance to have their game published by Jellybean Games; winning this contest will make you a paid and published game designer!

We're looking for whatever the components inspire you to make - area control, hand management, trick taking, pick up and deliver...anything goes! The winner will be the game which is the most fun to play, whether it's a 30-second solo experience or an hour-long dexterity game.


Your entry should include an elevator pitch and a rulebook. The rules should explain setup, turn structure, gameplay, and your game's end condition(s). Designs should be complete and playable; we're looking for games that you've brought to the table and played to completion, something that's more than just an idea.

Submissions will close at 8pm Central Time on Monday the 23rd of January, 2017. Multiple submissions from a single designer are welcome, but should be sent in separate emails. You will keep all rights to games that you submit to this contest.

Submit entries to with the subject line The Lady and the Tiger (Player count) (Runtime). For example: The Lady and the Tiger (2-4 players) (10 minutes). You will receive a confirmation that your entry has been received; if you don't hear back within a day or two, we didn't get your submission!


The challenge of this contest is the components - games can be of any style, player count or length, but can only use the tokens and cards which are already in the box.

The components are:

  • 18 cards:
    • 14 Lady and the Tiger cards:
      • 3x Blue Tiger
      • 3x Red Tiger
      • 3x Blue Lady
      • 3x Red Lady
      • 1x "Lady or Tiger"
      • 1x "Blue or Red"
    • 4 door cards:
      • Blue Tiger
      • Red Tiger
      • Blue Lady
      • Red Lady
  • 25 tokens
    • 5 blue tokens
    • 5 red tokens
    • 5 purple tokens
    • 5 black tokens
    • 5 white tokens

The cards can be downloaded here (art is far from final!). The four bordered cards will have a different back to the others (an image of a door).

(We do have a little wriggle-room on the token count/colors; right now they're only in the box for score-keeping. If you come up with an amazing design that requires more tokens/a sixth color/more tokens of a single color, submit it and we'll see what we can do.)


The winner of the contest will receive $250 USD. At least one (if not more!) submissions will be offered a contract to be published as part of The Lady and the Tiger - the contract will include a portion of profits from the game's sales.


The competition will be judged by the Jellybean Games team. To learn more about us, click around on the website (we get up to a lot of cool stuff), follow us on Twitter, or check out our Facebook page