Scuttle! reviews

Bower's Game Corner

"I can easily recommend Scuttle! for a lot of different reasons."

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The Dice Tower: Board Game Breakfast

"Very fun, very fast, very light."

"Kids and adults can play Scuttle! together, and it appeals to all ages."

"The back and forth nature of the game combined with the exciting theme and whimsical card artwork makes Scuttle! a fun family game."

Bearded Meeple

"It's a fun, cute game."


"Scuttle! is a fast-action game of piratey shenanigans, thievery, and backstabbing...Slap this down in front of your kids, and watch them teach themselves in one minute."

Parent Geek approved!
Child Geek approved!

"A great addition to family game night. Fun and short enough that you’ll find yourself playing multiple games in a single sitting."

Brian's Got Game